Budget Control: Hommade Baby Food


It is a known fact that diapers take up a huge part of the budget in your child’s first few years of life, but store-bought food comes a close second.

Once the baby starts eating solid food (at four to six months of age) buying ready baby food from the store can setback your monthly expenditure by Rs 3000 – Rs 6000 minimum.

Depending on baby’s age, appetite and whether you purchase organic food or not the expenditure is bound to fluctuate. Fruits and vegetables have also gotten progressively pricier and has an impact on what you pay for baby food.

Preparing your own baby food helps in saving money as well as avoiding use of preservatives and sugar. Puree from any fruit can be made at home and will work out cheaper than buying a jar.

Some foods that have a high nutritional value (black beans, mushrooms, spinach, kiwi etc.) are not typically found in store-bought jars. Benefit: the child will grow up to be less picky about food, as their palates are accustomed to a lot more varied tastes from a young age.

Do not fall for the marketing tactics by food processer companies – there is absolutely no requirement for a baby-food maker. Everyday kitchen utensils, mixers, steamers and grinders can help make large batches, which can then be stored for future use.frozen homemade baby food

Large batches of food prepared at one go can help save time and money. The food can be frozen into ice cube trays. One batch preparation can last up to a week and it save money and also time and energy of preparing small batches of food everyday. You can prepare 2-3 different types of food and freeze.

When fresh fruits are not available during season time – opt for frozen varieties (check for preservatives before use). These frozen fruits can then be steamed and pureed.

There’s so much that can be done with food for a bay. Innovations in the kitchen, usage of different ingredients can help save some money and give your baby a diet of nutritious and healthy food.

Share your Hommade Baby Food Recipes and help other Moms to sve money and giv their child a healthy diet.

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