Pregnancy pictures: Capturing the wonderful moments of motherhood.


Pregnancy is considered to be the most special moment in a woman’s life. The feeling of bringing a baby in this world cannot be compared with any other feeling. Taking pictures of each and every stage of pregnancy is a fun way to re-live the wonderful moments before her child was born.

Here is your guide to a fabulous pregnancy album:

The First Pregnancy Picture

The first pregnancy picture is a very special one. The first picture is that of a normal stomach before the signs of pregnancy have set in. Experimentation is always welcome and women can use various angles to take the pictures. The pictures can be taken with a figure-hugging white top that can show the exact curves, or if she is comfortable in her skin, the pictures can be sans t-shirt.

Using the same background

The idea of taking pregnancy pictures is to understand how the belly is changing every week. The best way to make sure that mothers understand the change in their belly size is to use the same background, the same clothes and the same angle. The same angle and background makes for an excellent and fun slideshow in the end.

Do not shy away

Pregnant mothers often get very conscious about their stretch marks which they develop during the course of their pregnancies. Mothers should never be apprehensive about taking pictures despite their stretch marks. A stretch mark today might seem awkward in a picture, but viewing the pregnancy pictures years later is bound to bring sheer joy and nothing else. So mothers should consider the stretch marks to be non-existent, and continue being shutterbugs.

Using the pregnancy pictures

A lot of mothers love maintaining baby books. The pregnancy pictures can feature prominently in such books as mothers can later sit down with their children and discuss the most wonderful 9 months of her life. Mothers can also add extra pages to the baby books to accommodate pictures of baby bumps, making the book an accumulation of cute and lovable memories. The pictures can also be uploaded on blogs or websites where mothers share their pregnancy related memories and engage in discussions. Mothers can also use movie-making programs to create slideshows of their pregnancy pictures. During baby showers or birthdays, they can be shown to others. A wonderful way to share one’s individual happiness with the world.

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Pictures are known to be treasures of the memory. Something as wonderful and memorable as a pregnancy ought to be recorded in a picture format. A mother will never get tired of viewing the progress of her pregnancy. The records of pregnancy pictures ensure a nostalgic trip, something every mother would love to undertake.

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