How to Travel with your Baby!


Travelling with babies if planned well can be an enjoyable experience. The planning and packing when travelling with a baby is essential to avoid any problems during your vacation. Here are a few simple tips to make your travelling easy.


Function (and chic) diaper bag – A bag big enough to hold all changing essentials required by the baby. Ensure it has ample storage space with pockets and zipper compartments. Ensure to get a good quality bag, which is durable as well as, easy to clean.






Extra Blankets or swaddlers – It keeps your baby comfortable and warm. We recommend using breathable muslin and other such fabrics, which creates plenty of warmth without overheating the baby.




Baby Carrier – Whether on a beach or a picnic, you baby will feel comfortable in her carrier. Try getting a multifunctional carrier so it becomes a recliner, a car seat and a lounger.



Extra Clothes – For the messy accidents that might occur. Also include extra bibs which can help keep the clothes clean.



Creams and Lotions – A baby’s skin is sensitive towards weather changes. Carry good quality lotions incase of itchy and dry skin.


Diapers and Wipes – Of course!



Entertainment – such as music and videos that your baby listens to during meals or before sleep. Also helps when the baby gets cranky.














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