4 Pregnancy Myths Busted!


A large number of myths circulate around pregnancy and an equally large number of them are believed by pregnant mothers. Some of these myths are true, some are hilariously false. Be it authentic or not, it is always good to know about these myths and get entertained along the way.

Myth #1: Gaining a belly during pregnancy

Every woman who receives a positive result of her pregnancy test expects a large belly as shown in numerous pregnancy advertisements worldwide. However, it is not the belly that a woman gains once she becomes pregnant. Gaining weight comes as an additional “gift” for pregnant women. Babies grow healthier if weight is gained by every body part. Part of the weight also ensures that the baby is well fed once it is born. So those extra kilos are not necessarily a bad thing!

Myth #2: Not looking pregnant from the back

Pregnant women are often complimented with the fact that they do not look pregnant from the back. Apologies for bursting a myth bubble, but there are ample signs which indicate a woman is pregnant, even when seen from the back. Saying this to a woman during her early stages of pregnancy is still believable. But as the baby inside keeps growing, everything from the waistline to the posture changes, making it impossible not to get detected! Even the walking style will give away the fact that the woman is pregnant. So there is really no way to conceal one’s pregnancy, even when seen from the back.

Myth #3: Prevention of stretch marks by using lotions

The human skin is wonderfully stretchable and stretching the skin does not result in stretch marks. Stretch marks come for free with pregnancy and they are generally known to be unavoidable. The marks are not restricted to the top layer of the skin and go deeper. Hence using lotions will not be very fruitful, apart from the fact that they conquer the itching experience and provide the mother some relief. The marks will fade with time, though they won’t get healed. Mothers can consider them to be one of the numerous pregnancy related memories!

Myth #4: Losing weight in a few week

Pregnant or not, weight loss is a universal issue. Pregnancy is known to bloat up women and during the course of nine months, women gain around twenty five to thirty pounds. Sadly, losing it in a few weeks is another myth that pregnant women should know about. It takes a similar amount of time to lose the weight gained. Thus thinking that a mother will lose weight miraculously once the baby has been delivered is a common pregnancy myth. However the majority of the weight is lost in the first few weeks post delivery. New mothers do not have to worry about their weight constantly and can concentrate on the little one instead.

Every stage and everything related to pregnancy must be enjoyed, as pregnancy is special for every woman. Knowing about the myths and trying to know how authentic they are can also be considered as a part of enjoying the upcoming motherhood.

Budget Control: Hommade Baby Food


It is a known fact that diapers take up a huge part of the budget in your child’s first few years of life, but store-bought food comes a close second.

Once the baby starts eating solid food (at four to six months of age) buying ready baby food from the store can setback your monthly expenditure by Rs 3000 – Rs 6000 minimum.

Depending on baby’s age, appetite and whether you purchase organic food or not the expenditure is bound to fluctuate. Fruits and vegetables have also gotten progressively pricier and has an impact on what you pay for baby food.

Preparing your own baby food helps in saving money as well as avoiding use of preservatives and sugar. Puree from any fruit can be made at home and will work out cheaper than buying a jar.

Some foods that have a high nutritional value (black beans, mushrooms, spinach, kiwi etc.) are not typically found in store-bought jars. Benefit: the child will grow up to be less picky about food, as their palates are accustomed to a lot more varied tastes from a young age.

Do not fall for the marketing tactics by food processer companies – there is absolutely no requirement for a baby-food maker. Everyday kitchen utensils, mixers, steamers and grinders can help make large batches, which can then be stored for future use.frozen homemade baby food

Large batches of food prepared at one go can help save time and money. The food can be frozen into ice cube trays. One batch preparation can last up to a week and it save money and also time and energy of preparing small batches of food everyday. You can prepare 2-3 different types of food and freeze.

When fresh fruits are not available during season time – opt for frozen varieties (check for preservatives before use). These frozen fruits can then be steamed and pureed.

There’s so much that can be done with food for a bay. Innovations in the kitchen, usage of different ingredients can help save some money and give your baby a diet of nutritious and healthy food.

Share your Hommade Baby Food Recipes and help other Moms to sve money and giv their child a healthy diet.

Pregnancy pictures: Capturing the wonderful moments of motherhood.


Pregnancy is considered to be the most special moment in a woman’s life. The feeling of bringing a baby in this world cannot be compared with any other feeling. Taking pictures of each and every stage of pregnancy is a fun way to re-live the wonderful moments before her child was born.

Here is your guide to a fabulous pregnancy album:

The First Pregnancy Picture

The first pregnancy picture is a very special one. The first picture is that of a normal stomach before the signs of pregnancy have set in. Experimentation is always welcome and women can use various angles to take the pictures. The pictures can be taken with a figure-hugging white top that can show the exact curves, or if she is comfortable in her skin, the pictures can be sans t-shirt.

Using the same background

The idea of taking pregnancy pictures is to understand how the belly is changing every week. The best way to make sure that mothers understand the change in their belly size is to use the same background, the same clothes and the same angle. The same angle and background makes for an excellent and fun slideshow in the end.

Do not shy away

Pregnant mothers often get very conscious about their stretch marks which they develop during the course of their pregnancies. Mothers should never be apprehensive about taking pictures despite their stretch marks. A stretch mark today might seem awkward in a picture, but viewing the pregnancy pictures years later is bound to bring sheer joy and nothing else. So mothers should consider the stretch marks to be non-existent, and continue being shutterbugs.

Using the pregnancy pictures

A lot of mothers love maintaining baby books. The pregnancy pictures can feature prominently in such books as mothers can later sit down with their children and discuss the most wonderful 9 months of her life. Mothers can also add extra pages to the baby books to accommodate pictures of baby bumps, making the book an accumulation of cute and lovable memories. The pictures can also be uploaded on blogs or websites where mothers share their pregnancy related memories and engage in discussions. Mothers can also use movie-making programs to create slideshows of their pregnancy pictures. During baby showers or birthdays, they can be shown to others. A wonderful way to share one’s individual happiness with the world.

Get your Nappy Times Baby Book where you can capture all your baby’s milestones & special moments from your pregnancy and treasure them for years to come!

Pictures are known to be treasures of the memory. Something as wonderful and memorable as a pregnancy ought to be recorded in a picture format. A mother will never get tired of viewing the progress of her pregnancy. The records of pregnancy pictures ensure a nostalgic trip, something every mother would love to undertake.

Diary of a young Dad: Raising boys from a father’s perspective.


Fathers have always been runners up when it comes to parenting. Mothers taking care or walking with their children while the fathers follow them obediently is a common parenting sight across the globe. If fathers are given certain baby duties, they would perform them but not before almost making a mess of it. But fathers are not without their set of parenting advantages. Boys and girls behave very differently when growing up and fathers seem to be better at taking care of the boys than girls.
For parents who are bringing up boys and often seem to be clueless about their toddlers, here are a few fatherly observations that might help them understand how boys behave and why they do so particularly.
– Boys (sadly) possess only three weapons in their arsenal of emotions. They will become extremely happy at times, very sad at times and frighteningly mad at times. The projection of these emotions is relatively simple. Boys don’t want to think much, so they should not be forced to either.
– Observing a boy’s body language is a must. As long as the boy is jumping up and down and occasionally screaming his lungs out, he’s growing well! Boys who are excessively quiet and walk with drooping shoulders should be made to do various activities that can help his shyness and/or fear.
– Boys (funnily, this applies to all ages) have a terrible time verbalizing any problem they are going through. Girls do not find it difficult to share their problems even at such a young age. But for boys, it often becomes an arduous task to share their problems with anybody. Parents need to ensure that their son is comfortable around them both physically and emotionally. Hugging boys when they are in a state of turmoil works wonders. A long session of crying can immediately be stopped by a hug, only to ensure that the boy recovers and restarts doing what he does best, running, screaming and playing.
– Boys love to poop! And talk about it afterwards. They learn it to do themselves a few months after the girls do, but once they master the art, they love to exercise it at odd hours. The boys would go poop at dinner time, at midnight, at odd hours during the morning etc. And talking about their poop experience is a must! So parents, however uncomfortable they may feel at the thought should engage in poop related discussions with their boys. It strangely can strengthen the bond.
– Boys are dedicated superhero worshippers from a very young age. They start idolizing Batman and Superman and behave as if they have already been gifted with superpowers. At an age as young as theirs, screaming and running are almost like superpowers which have been gifted to them. Boys should be encouraged regarding their superhero obsessions. After all, superheroes other than their fathers ought to make an impact!
– The boys are convinced of the fact that even pointless physical activities have a point. Boys are often found to be engaging in activities such as building structures, lifting heavy loads and all this without any concrete objective. Instead of shouting their lungs out and forbidding boys from doing all these, parents ought to encourage them. It is not everyday a parent gets to see the sight of his or her boy lifting rocks without any reason. This can be treated as an instance of hard work!
– Boys tend to put themselves under extreme pressure during any activity they undertake. Heroic as it may sound, under performing in that activity can lead to sore and bitter experiences. And with failure comes the usual rude behavior, yelling and other bursts of anger. Boys should not be pressurized much, as doing so results in higher chances of failure. Parents must accumulate a bunch of talks and lectures which show failure as a constructive mechanism. When boys feel that all is lost, these talks delivered by parents will help them understand that winning is not compulsory. Being a nice human being is.
– Parents should NOT throw at boys whatever clothes they get their hands on. Girls undoubtedly have more options of dressing up and parents love to ensure that their girls dress up prettily. But it really matters to boys what clothes they are wearing and therefore parents should put some thought into the purchase. Fashion matters and boys understand that as much as girls do!
– Boys are crowd shy, at least most of them. Pushing them towards huge crowds will not help them much as they tend to get nervous. Parents should not fear this to be anti-socialistic tendencies. It is just how most boys are. It is better that the boys are not forced to interact with crowds. No parent would want their boy to develop an apathy towards the crowds.
– It is difficult to tame boys and make sure they are in bed. When they are, parents ought to spend a few minutes with them before they go to sleep. A bedtime story is a perfect idea and even coming up with one impromptu works. Boys love spending some time with their parents before they go off to sleep. Parents can can come up with any odd or strange story and use it as an excuse to spend some time with their boys before their little devils go to sleep.
Boys should be approached slightly differently when they are growing up. If parents are successful in doing so, they’d get to see their boys grown up into disciplined and talented young men. So today’s yelling, shouting and running will become something completely different tomorrow. Parents just need to bring out their super powers and share some of them with their boys!

How to Travel with your Baby!


Travelling with babies if planned well can be an enjoyable experience. The planning and packing when travelling with a baby is essential to avoid any problems during your vacation. Here are a few simple tips to make your travelling easy.


Function (and chic) diaper bag – A bag big enough to hold all changing essentials required by the baby. Ensure it has ample storage space with pockets and zipper compartments. Ensure to get a good quality bag, which is durable as well as, easy to clean.






Extra Blankets or swaddlers – It keeps your baby comfortable and warm. We recommend using breathable muslin and other such fabrics, which creates plenty of warmth without overheating the baby.




Baby Carrier – Whether on a beach or a picnic, you baby will feel comfortable in her carrier. Try getting a multifunctional carrier so it becomes a recliner, a car seat and a lounger.



Extra Clothes – For the messy accidents that might occur. Also include extra bibs which can help keep the clothes clean.



Creams and Lotions – A baby’s skin is sensitive towards weather changes. Carry good quality lotions incase of itchy and dry skin.


Diapers and Wipes – Of course!



Entertainment – such as music and videos that your baby listens to during meals or before sleep. Also helps when the baby gets cranky.














How to Clean Your Baby’s Ears


Dealing with the delicate ears of a baby is a very unnerving experience for all mothers. An appropriate process needs to be followed to reach the insides of the ear so that the baby is comfortable. Extreme caution needs to be taken to clean a baby’s ears but it is also of utmost importance and should not be neglected. Read on for pointers on how clean a baby’s ears safely.

The trouble of cleaning a baby’s ears is usually fraught with confusion – on one hand earwax buildup can be acutely uncomfortable, while on the other cleaning the ear risks causing infections or damage to the delicate eardrums.

Keeping the child’s ear and neck area clean can prevent earwax buildup. Using cotton swabs dipped in warm water or peroxide can help keep the areas clean. Just ensure that the liquid does not get into the ear canal.

Cleaning Your Baby’s Ears

– Wash your child with lukewarm water.
– To clean the ears, hold your child securely by balancing him on your hand.
– Wipe the ears with a wet cloth (do not use soap). Gently scrubs the ears with the cloth reaching out for the gap behind the ears, which is a common place for wax buildup.
– Wet the cloth again (ensure to remove excess water) and wipe the outer areas of the ear where some babies tend to have buildup.
– The small folds in the ear can also trap dirt so gently wipe these folds to get rid of excess dirt.
– Now twirl the tip of the wet cloth and squeeze out any excess water. Gently insert into the baby’s ears and twist it around. This would remove dirt from the outer ear canals.
Pat the baby’s ear with a clean dry cloth.

In case you wish to clean the inner ear of your baby, it is advisable for you to take your baby to the doctor and get it cleaned. Doctor’s use special instrumentation to clean your baby’s ears that avoids the risk of puncturing or scratching your baby’s delicate eardrums. Some babies have more wax buildup than others. If the problem persists, don’t forget to consult your pediatrician.

Keep your child draped in a hand towel while cleaning his ears to avoid him from catching a cold.

Do not use cotton swabs as it only pushes the debris inside instead if cleaning the wax. This can cause major harm to the soft eardrums.

Avoid using ear cleaning meds or kits on the baby. If the problem persists, take him to the pediatrician.

Introduction to Solid Food


Breast milk is an absolute must for a newborn till the age of 6 months minimum. Many doctors recommend continuing with breastfeeding till 2 years of age. Once the baby is 6 months old, solid foods are introduced in his diet. Before the age of 6 months, solid food is not beneficial to the child; in fact it creates upset stomachs, gas and allergic reactions.

Baby food should be homemade, as boxed and processed food loses a lot of nutritional value, flavor, texture and colour that provide nutrients needed for the baby’s growth. You could also consider switching to Organic Produce as non-organic foods have pesticides and herbicides that are harmful for the baby.

Solid food options

Steamed and mashed sweet potatoes or carrots – they are good options to start with.

Fruits such as Apples and Pears – remove the skin, before steaming and mashing.

The above-mentioned food items are easy on the digestive system and easy to prepare.

Fruits or vegetables should be introduced one-at-a-time and with several days in between new foods. This helps in detecting intolerance to specific food products (if any). This is why organic food is better – the child maybe allergic to the chemicals and not the actual fruit or vegetable.

It is advised to breastfeed your baby before a solid meal, as the nutritional value of breast milk is superior to any food you are providing.

The consumption of solid food is as less as a quarter of a teaspoon to begin with till the baby gets used to solid food.

The introduction to solid foods is a slow process and can sometimes take months to accomplish. If your baby doesn’t seem to be taking too well to the food, gags too much or outright refuses it, don’t worry. Wait a few days and try again. Give the baby time to adjust to the food and once he does it will be an enriching experience for you and the baby.

Baby Feeding – Bottle Feeding Baby & Bottle Warmer


Although breast milk is best for babies, many mothers choose formula milk for variety of reasons. There are many different formulas milk available in the market. You will need to choose the one that best meet your baby nutritional needs.

When making up feeds all bottles and equipments use for feeding should be sterilized regularly. Also, always follow the directions carefully to ensure the proper proportions of mix are correct.

Compare to breast milk, formula milk is harder to digest. If you are switching to formula milk after breast feeding, be prepare to changes in routines.

How to Bottle Feed Baby

– Sit in a comfortable position with your baby held close to you
– Tilt the bottle until the teat is filled with milk and slip the teat into your baby’s mouth. Never force your baby to eat more than their stomach allow fo
– While feeding, keep the bottle tilted to prevent air from entering the bottle

Preparing Baby Formula

When making up baby feeds, follow the directions carefully to ensure the proper proportions of mix are correct. You should sterilize the water or use bottle water for mixing baby formula.

Bottle Warmer – Warming Baby Bottle

Babies may prefer warm milk compare to cold milk. However, never heat a baby bottle using a microwave. Because microwave oven heats unevenly creating hot pockets which can result in burns and injures the baby. It can also cause breakdown in nutrients.

It is better to warm baby feeding bottle by running it under the tab or in a pan of hot (not boiling) water. Also, baby bottle can be warm more safely and efficiently using a baby bottle warmer that is especially designed for this purpose.

Article Source: http://www.baby-mother-pregnancy-care.com/baby-toddler-care/bottle-feeding-baby.htm

Ms. Universe and her babies


Till not too long ago adoption in India was only recommended to couples who weren’t able to biologically reproduce. But in the recent past, adoption has become very popular with Single parents, couples and celebrities alike. You’ve heard of a lot of celebrities who have adopted kids. One of the pioneers of this was Sushmita Sen.

Sushmita Sen is a successful super model & a single mother of two adopted children. She has adopted two girls and love them to no end.

Her firt baby girl, Renee and her moother are the limelight of all the fashion events, shows and inaugurals. Renee also has a dream to participate in the Miss Universe Pageant and get back home the same trophy and award like her pretty mother.

Her second daughter, Alisah is just an infant angel and Sushmita is busy buying all the toys for her. Also, Renee is excited to have her sister come in to their world. Renee has all the plans for her sister – The two sisters are going to share their room till Alisah’s is ready to move to her room.

Sushmita Sen has given herself comepletely to these little chidren and in they’ve made her a mother. They’ve also received a loving and wholesome life. This is a great example for people who want to complete their family but are still not taking a step ahead to adopt a child. So move ahead and fulfill a child’s dream.

On a similar note, let me remind our users that we are now collecting clothes and old toys for the Nappytimes Clothes Drive in Association with Society For Indian Children’s Welfare.